A guide to choosing the perfect TV stand for your home


Buying furniture for your house can be an exciting task. From sofa sets to tea tables and TV stands, you get to pick out the best ones that fit the style of your residence and your test. Picking out a table or a TV stand is quite an easy task when you know what you want for your home.

When it comes to TV stands, there are many types like Wooden TV Stands, TV cupboards, or fancy glass or fiber stands. Confused about where to start? You can use this guide to choose the perfect TV stand for your home and decorate your living space just the way you want.

Things to consider when buying a TV stand

It becomes crucial to pick the right kind of furniture for your home, especially TV stands, because the wrong size can end up being a liability and a wastage of space. Before you buy a TV stand, you should know some basic things about your television, like its size, height, width, etc. Don’t want to get it wrong? Then consider these factors:

Size of the TV

The first and foremost thing you should consider before buying a TV stand is the size of the television. Consider if wall mounting the television is possible; if not, go for a stand. Your TV stand should be at least 3-5 inches wider than the width of the TV so it can accommodate the TV comfortably. One should also measure the height and weight of the television, so they can pick a stand that will support the size and weight of your TV.

Type of stand

There are floating stands, corner stands, and closed units. You can pick the stand that fits your decor perfectly and also fulfills your storage needs. Remember that the TV stand should also not take up too much space in the room as it will be a wrong design choice.

Material and finish 

Furniture world is always fun to look into – there are a lot of options, be it in terms of material or finish. The most common materials in which TV stands are made are glass, fiber, and wood. While it is good to make a choice based on design factors, you should also think about the stability of the stand and ease of use when it comes to choosing a material.

Storage units in the stand

While most TV stands are designed to serve just as a stand, contemporary designs also feature handy storage units. You can store your collections of DVDs and CDs safely in the same place as your TV with an easy storage unit that comes built-in with TV stands.


Choosing the perfect TV stand for your living space involves consideration of multiple factors, including the dimensions and the design. A proper TV stand can definitely add more character to your residence while also serving additional purposes like acting as a storage unit. Do consider these factors before picking out your next wooden TV stand!