Differentiating Between Primary and Secondary Insomnia

The Two Faces of Insomnia The sleep disorder known as insomnia affects millions of adults all over the world. It is characterised by regular sleep disturbances, an inability to fall asleep naturally, or relentless nightly waking that makes a full night of sleep nearly impossible to accomplish. There are several factors involved that may cause […]

How Stress Impacts Mental and Physical Health

The Stress Pandemic  It should not come as a surprise that stress is the root cause of so many of the everyday aches and pains that humans of all ages experience. However, many people remain unaware of just how dangerous the long-term effects of high stress levels are – in some cases, triggering an onset […]

Identifying and Treating Hypomagnesemia

Identifying and Treating Hypomagnesemia Affecting approximately 2% of the general population, hypomagnesemia is most commonly found in hospitalised adults over the age of 30. The reason hospitalisation is a regularly occurring overlap with this low magnesium condition is because it is difficult to retain the correct amount of magnesium while experiencing abnormal metabolic behaviour (e.g. […]