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Training Your Brain To Fight Off Dementia

Fighting Off Dementia Dementia in any form is a punishing disease for people, as it takes a brutal toll on not only those suffering from it, but everybody around them too. As it stands there is no one prevention or cure for dementia, it is, however, still being researched every day to try to find […]

Peto’s Paradox May Hold The Key To Cancer Research

The Potential Of Peto’s Paradox Cancer is nothing short of a plague to the human race, and at the current rate still has no definitive cure in sight. It’s difficult to discuss cancer survival rates as many people don’t succumb in the short term but often fall to this victim in a longer standing. When […]

The Common Traits of a Poker Winner

Defining a good poker player can be a difficult task. From long-term consistency and adaptability to overall wins, everyone has their own set of criteria. Throughout the years, however, several common traits of professional poker winners have emerged. Continue reading to find out what they are and how you can use them to your advantage […]

Understanding the Role of Micronutrients

What is the Difference Between Macro and Micronutrients? While macronutrients often receive more attention, it is the micronutrients that can really draw the line between vitality and illness. Macronutrients are needed in daily doses of up to 10s or 100s of grams per day, and can be easily found in things like carbohydrates, proteins, and […]

Natural Remedies for Chronic Hay Fever

Understanding Hay Fever Hay fever is a phrase used to describe a common condition called allergic rhinitis. Affecting 1 in every 5 people, hay fever occurs mainly during spring and summertime, though some unfortunate few may suffer with it all year round. When particles from pollen, grass, trees, or weeds are released into the air […]

Caffeine – Is This the Cause of Your Anxiety?

The Connection Between Caffeine and Anxiety A staggering 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day by the human species. A huge part of our daily lives, caffeine in the form of hot, strong coffee has become the most popular beverage of choice in nearly every country across the world. Whether you like coffee […]

A Closer Look at Essential Oil Therapy

Essential Oils: Myth or Medicine? Natural essential oils have been in use since the dawn of primitive medicinal practises. Our ancestors utilised them for their organic remedial properties, and as the modern world has started to once again show interest in ancient methods and ways of being, so has the interest in aromatherapy blossomed. Many […]