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Is aspirin an anti-inflammatory?

Aspirin is an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication used to treat minor aches caused by headaches or beats, muscle aches, and menstrual cramps.  You can also use it to temporarily reduce fever.  Aspirin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Aspirin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is a class of drugs along with ibuprofen and naproxen. They work the same way by reducing […]

Top 12 Foods to Lower Cholesterol

The importance of cholesterol for the human body is ambiguous. Its influence on life is great: it prevents aging, promotes the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins and so on. On the other hand, it’s detrimental, preventing normal blood circulation. Medical drugs can help to maintain a neutral level, but the main burden is on […]

Helpful Techniques To Cope With Anxiety And Reduce Stress

Having an Insight on stress and Anxiety  Stress is a sensation or actual strain. It can be as a result of any condition or thought that causes you to feel apprehensive. Stress is your body’s response to a test or stretch of limit. Therefore, stress can be positive or negative depending on the condition. Anxiety […]

Casino BetSofa: Brief Description

BetSofa gaming platform was founded in 2020. It has a Curacao license (Gaming Curacao – 365/JAZZ) and welcomes players from 254 countries. The owner of the BetSofa casino is XXL Services N.V. The portal offers plenty of games of different types and genres. All the games are licensed and produced by the well-known software suppliers. […]

Best Online Casinos Canada

One of the most popular and exciting activities in Canada is to bet at an online casino for real money. There are a lot of gambling portals available for Canadian players. But how can one choose a reliable one? Stick to some simple criteria to choose the best gaming portal. The best online gaming portals […]

Five Differences Between E-sports and Real Sports Disciplines

E-sports is developing every day and is catching up with the popularity of traditional sports by leaps and bounds. E-sports and traditional sports betting principles are different. Let’s look at the difference in more detail. Difference 1. E-sports players are in touch with fans. E-sports players talk to their fans in a chat during the […]

Training Your Brain To Fight Off Dementia

Fighting Off Dementia Dementia in any form is a punishing disease for people, as it takes a brutal toll on not only those suffering from it, but everybody around them too. As it stands there is no one prevention or cure for dementia, it is, however, still being researched every day to try to find […]

Peto’s Paradox May Hold The Key To Cancer Research

The Potential Of Peto’s Paradox Cancer is nothing short of a plague to the human race, and at the current rate still has no definitive cure in sight. It’s difficult to discuss cancer survival rates as many people don’t succumb in the short term but often fall to this victim in a longer standing. When […]

The Common Traits of a Poker Winner

Defining a good poker player can be a difficult task. From long-term consistency and adaptability to overall wins, everyone has their own set of criteria. Throughout the years, however, several common traits of professional poker winners have emerged. Continue reading to find out what they are and how you can use them to your advantage […]

Understanding the Role of Micronutrients

What is the Difference Between Macro and Micronutrients? While macronutrients often receive more attention, it is the micronutrients that can really draw the line between vitality and illness. Macronutrients are needed in daily doses of up to 10s or 100s of grams per day, and can be easily found in things like carbohydrates, proteins, and […]