Do Genetics Impact How Big You Will Get in the Gym?


Millions of people worldwide dream of sculpting a certain physique, and sometimes this goal is related to achieving a bodybuilding form. For many, however, a mental stumbling block is the belief that these goals are unattainable because of a “detail” called genes. So, do genes play an important role in how big you can get, and do they even have a role?

What is a Genetic Ceiling?

A good starting point for exploring the question above is the topic of the “genetic ceiling.”

Generally speaking, the “genetic ceiling” refers to each person’s genetic predispositions and limitations when it comes to training and bodybuilding. This means that genetics does influence athletic ability, but it doesn’t necessarily determine it. The topic requires a lot of in-depth discussions, but below, you’ll learn why genetics isn’t the be-all and end-all in bodybuilding.

Modern scientific discoveries allow people to not only explore their genetic potential, but use it to their advantage: knowing your strengths and weaknesses is vital to start an athletic career.

Breaking the Ceiling

Although the genetic ceiling is, well, limiting, it is actually a source of rich information. Knowing our genetic limitations gives us direction on where to focus more effort in our bodybuilding journey. This, in turn, means that if we take the time to study our bodies, we can work much more effectively and efficiently, becoming bigger, stronger, and better.

On top of that, nowadays, there is a rich array of tools to help in this endeavor. In addition to personal attitudes and efforts, bodybuilders also benefit from the variety of athletic supplements available on the market.

At Alpha Pharma ( athletes can get whole stacks of supplements that take the guesswork out of choosing the right solutions. Of course, prior consultation with a specialist is recommended. And yet, everything written so far supports the idea that by approaching bodybuilding strategically, we can significantly raise the bar of our achievements. Such optimization will bring us many more benefits, and it will happen significantly faster than if we blindly focus efforts, relying only on the hope that we’re pressing the right buttons.

Going “Above” Genetics

Let’s end with something encouraging for those who think their genetic limit is an uphill battle. For a long time, it was believed that genetics is something we cannot change—we’ll have to play whatever cards we are dealt. However, modern science has discovered that this is not quite the case.

Indeed, genes play an important role in every individual’s development. Still, it turns out that there is also a process that stands “above” them. It is called epigenetics, the process by which our organisms “turn” on and off the manifestation of certain genes.


There are two key things to know about genes and bodybuilding. The first thing is that genes play an important role in this area, which is only expected as our genes shape us as individuals. On the other hand, however, even genetic limitations can be fought. This, of course, requires an intentional, focused, and intelligent workload. Bodybuilding results come from a holistic approach that takes into account everything related to your wellness and well-being.