Frequently Asked Questions About Generic RU486


Abortion Pills come in various forms and are widely used to end unwanted pregnancies. One of them is Generic RU486. Not all women, however, are well-informed about this medicine. As a result, this article has compiled all potential inquiries from women about Generic RU486 and provides brief responses to each.

What exactly is RU486?

The RU486 (also known as Mifepristone) is an abortion medication used in the medical termination of pregnancies. Prominent medical authorities and healthcare professionals have endorsed the tablet.

When must Generic RU486 be taken?

Generic RU486 can be taken by women who usually conceive and want to end the pregnancy at home. To get Generic RU486, one must have a prescription, nevertheless. Additionally, the medication has the following qualifying requirements:

  • Up to 11 weeks have passed throughout the first trimester of the pregnancy.
  • The woman is not allergic to any ingredients in the generic RU486 abortion tablet, and
  • The pregnancy develops inside the uterus.

Where can I buy the medicine?

Neighborhood drug stores conveniently offer the generic RU486 abortion medication. You can also find the pill online if you can’t find it in your neighborhood pharmacy. Numerous online pharmacies provide Generic RU486 at reasonable prices.

How much should generic RU486 be consumed?

One tablet of Generic RU486 with 200 mg of power is sufficient to work it out for a pregnancy lasting up to 9 weeks of the gestation period.

What is the best way to eat it?

The process of taking Generic RU486 is very straightforward. It must be consumed orally along with a glass of water. The first day of the Medical Abortion procedure is when the pill is supposed to be taken.

Can generic RU486 alone prevent an unintended pregnancy?

No. Despite being a well-known abortion drug, generic RU486 cannot end an unintended pregnancy alone. This is because pregnancy tissues are removed from the body by the pill. For this, the user needs to take a prostaglandin drug, like Misoprostol or Cytolog.

Therefore, the woman needs to take one pill of Generic RU486 and four pills of any prostaglandin medication to perform a Medical Abortion.

What is the process of Generic RU486?

Some of the ingredients in the generic RU486 Abortion Pill work to inhibit the body’s production of progesterone hormones. These hormones regulate the growth of the fetus. The medication inhibits the development of pregnancy by working against these hormones.

The tablet also dissociates uterine tissues from pregnancy. Within 24 hours of taking the drug, it happens. Within 3–4 hours of intake, the pill begins to work.

What side effects may you expect from generic RU486?

After taking the pill, the person might not experience any significant aftereffects. However, after taking the second tablet, the Medical Abortion procedure’s symptoms begin to manifest. Women may, however, occasionally experience cramps and minor bleeding.

Despite being a rare instance, the indication is not atypical. In this situation, ladies are instructed to take the second medicine in order to continue the medical pregnancy termination procedure.

What negative consequences does Generic RU486 have?

Generic RU486 doesn’t have any significant adverse reactions. However, most women continue to experience pregnancy’s side effects, such as nausea, fatigue, swelling breasts, etc. The Abortion Pill’s adverse effects first manifest themselves after taking the second drug. The negative impact of generic RU486 is all transient and never becomes severe.

You are urged to notify your healthcare practitioner immediately if you notice any unusual side effects from taking Generic RU486.