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Neurological diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and stroke are prevalent, and they can adversely affect a patient’s quality of life, making them feel excluded from society. However, modern medicine has made significant progress in diagnosing and treating these conditions. For instance, epileptic seizures can now be stopped, and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be postponed by several decades.

At AiroMedical, we have compiled a rating of the best neurologists who can assist you in recovering from your illness and enhancing your overall well-being. Our selection process is based on various factors, including reviews from credible sources, extensive experience, and the services they offer. We also consider the doctor’s personal qualities and adaptability to different patient needs.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Neurologist

It’s crucial to gauge the level of knowledge a neurologist possesses during a conversation with him. Several different criteria can determine the level of a doctor’s competence:

  • A neurologist should have a thorough understanding of the techniques he offers. He should be able to communicate the benefits of each technique clearly and convincingly without using complex language.
  • A skilled doctor should inform the patient about potential risks and negative results and offer guidance on reducing those risks.
  • It is worth asking about the general criteria of the doctor’s work: his education and experience. The best option would be a professor, Ph.D., practicing for more than 15 years. 
  • Hospital affiliation. Ensuring that your neurologist is affiliated with a reputable hospital is essential. It ensures you receive the latest treatments and resources, providing a sense of comfort and quality care.

Once you’ve finished researching and asking essential questions, it’s time to decide. Select the neurologist who makes you feel most at ease and who you believe can offer the most effective assistance. The AiroMedical portal provides a complete list of neurologists, patient reviews, and options for booking treatment programs and online consultations.

Best Neurologists Worldwide

PD. Dr. med. Nils Margraf, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Kiel (Germany), an expert in neurology and epilepsy

Prof. Dr. Juan Dario Ortigosa Escobar, University Pediatric Hospital Sant Joan de Deu Barcelona (Spain), member of the European Pediatric Neurology Society and author of various scientific publications in international journals

Prof. MUDr. Petr Marusic, PH.D., University Hospital Motol Prague (Czechia), an expert in neurology and member of the EpiStop

Top neurologists in the United States

Dr. Jonathan Snider, Richmond, Virginia, has been practicing medicine for over 13 years; an expert in Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors. 

Dr. Alberto Espay, Cincinnati, Ohio., with over 29 years of experience, specializes in Deep Brain Stimulation. 

Dr. Joseph Ferrara, Columbia, South Carolina, has practiced medicine for over 20 years.

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

The advantages of neurology treatment in hospitals in the US:

  • Vast experience and high professionalism of American neurologists.
  • The  increased development of rehabilitation medicine.
  • Flawlessly accurate diagnostics.

Top Neurologists for Treatment in Europe

Dr. med. Verena Gueldenberg, Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshole Bonn (Germany), an expert in multiple sclerosis treatment.

Dr. Rosa Gassio Subirachs, University Pediatric Hospital Sant Joan de Deu Barcelona (Spain), member of the Spanish Association of Pediatric Neurology.

MUDr. Jurai Modravy, University Hospital Bulovka Prague )Czechia), head of the Department of Neurology.

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe

Why hospitals in Europe:

  • The world’s best specialists with the best results in treating nervous system disorders.
  • High-quality equipment, medicines, and materials (only original products of world brands of the medical industry are used in hospitals in Europe).
  • Thanks to unique methods, European doctors cope with ailments considered incurable in other countries.

Top Neurologists for Treatment in Poland

Dr. Bozena Klysz, Ph.D., Constance Care Robotic Rehabilitation Centre Warsaw, a member of the Polish Neurological Society and author of scientific presentations at congresses in Poland and abroad.

Dr. Radoslaw Michalik, Carolina Medical Center Warsaw, specialized in endoscopic surgery for hernia, artificial lumbar disc implantation, and tumor surgeries. 

Dr. Stanislaw Kwiek, KCM Clinic Warsaw, has been practicing neurosurgery for more than 25 years. 

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Advantages of treatment in Poland:

  • Rehabilitation methods are considered among the most effective worldwide.
  • Patients predicted to be disabled at home can return to everyday life without pain and restrictions.
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Top Neurologist for Treatment in Italy

Prof. Dr. Massimo Filippi, University Hospital San Raffaele Milan IRCCS, member of the American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Ignazio Borghesi, the head of the Neurosurgery Operating Unit at Maria Cecilia Hospital, with scientific papers published in various reputable journals. 

Dr. Andrea Falini, Head of the Neuroradiology Unit of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and Full Professor of Neuroradiology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. 

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy

Treatment of neurological diseases in hospitals in Italy:

  • Effective medications for migraines, Parkinson’s disease, and myasthenia gravis.
  • Innovative metodics. 
  • Friendly medical staff, optimal conditions of stay in clinics, mild climate, and beautiful landscapes.

Top Neurologist for Treatment in Germany

Dr. med. Christian van der Ven, Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshole Bonn, an expert in neurological rehabilitation.

Prof. Dr. med. Helge Topka, Academic Hospital Bogenhausen Munich, member of the European Academy of Neurology and author of many scientific papers for reputed journals.

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Wohrle, Academic Hospital Koblenz-Montabour, author of over 50 publications and expert in stroke treatment.

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

Advantages of German Neurology

  • The latest diagnostic methods accurately determine the localization of the pathological process and assess its prevalence. 
  • Germany uses its own and international developments to treat neurological diseases: cell therapy, gene, and immunotherapy.
  • Developing and applying new medicines not yet registered in other countries.

How to get treatment by a rated Neurologist 

AiroMedical offers neurology treatment abroad, allowing patients to choose and ensuring reliable organizational assistance. We prioritize quality service and provide the convenience of combining therapy with rest. The world experience of the best neurologists can guide you on the most effective treatment programs, suitable clinics, and related issues.

Additionally, qualified specialists develop individualized rehabilitation programs to help those with neurological problems lead fulfilling lives. Submit a request to AiroMedical, and we will analyze your situation to offer the best solutions.


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