What are games that can boost cognition for seniors?


Not only do our bodies age and become less able to perform easy tasks, but also performance of our brain can also decline. 

Remember that the brain almost works as a muscle. If you don’t use it, it will atrophy.

What are the best memory games for seniors?

Mind games are a fun way to boost mental acuity. The best thing about mind games is that you can start them anytime. Keep reading to discover ten free mind games that can help sharpen the mind for seniors.


This board game encourages the use of strategy and creativity.

The game of chess is quite accessible, although many people believe that you have to be smart enough to play it. You can play on the computer. Better yet, find a park in your community where seniors play chess, and you’ll enjoy social interaction as well.

Use your non-dominant hand

Here’s a free brain exercise for seniors: use your non-dominant hand to do the tasks you usually do with your dominant hand.

Far from being a disaster, using your non-dominant hand to perform everyday tasks, such as brushing your teeth or eating, establishes new connections between brain cells. Also, by using your non-dominant hand more, it will gain strength.

Test your memory

Many people joke about memory loss as they age. However, it may be otherwise. Here’s another free brain exercise for seniors: test your memory.

What’s the best way to test your memory? Make a list of things and things, like a grocery list or the next ten books you want to read, then memorize it. An hour later, determine how many items from the list you can name. The more complex the list, the better you train your brain.


If you’re looking for brain exercises for seniors, you might have brain teasers lying around. Otherwise, you can buy some cheaply at your local dollar store.

Puzzles are great brain training. They require strategy and problem-solving skills. In addition, you will find puzzles of varying complexity, ranging from twelve to several hundred pieces.

Video games

Some virtual games such as CasinoChan can have beneficial effects on cognitive functions if they are used in moderation. The most suitable are those that stimulate concentration and reflection. Virtual casino games such as blackjack stimulate cognition by making calculations before making a decision. 

Play music

Have you always been told that you have a musical ear? Join a choir or learn to play a new musical instrument as a brain exercise for seniors.

Learning something new and complex puts a strain on your brain. As a bonus, if you join a choir or take classes with other people, you make new friends.

Read a book

Here’s a brain training activity for seniors that could be free if you borrow the books from the library or friends. When you’re done reading, don’t forget to bring them back.

Reading is a great activity to sharpen your mind. It’s an intellectually stimulating activity, and studies have shown that by stimulating the brain, you slow down cognitive decline. The research doesn’t specify what kinds of books you should read to maximize brain stimulation. So, choose your favorite books whether it’s novels, science fiction or documentaries.


Crossword puzzles can also be free if you find them online or subscribe to a newspaper that publishes them. 

Crossword puzzles are great for seniors. Players must think of a word whose number of letters corresponds to the number of squares and whose meaning suits the theme of the game. In addition, crosswords can turn into a social activity when asking for help from friends or of parents.


You may prefer numbers to words. It’s perfect. Sudoku is for you.

If you are not familiar with sudoku, know that it is a logic game originating from Japan. A box contains boxes with numbers and several empty boxes. Based on the figures entered beforehand, you must fill in the empty boxes.

Like crosswords, sudoku games can be free. Several daily newspapers publish them in their pages. You can also buy sudoku books. And they come in di


Combine mental and  physical activity with simple workouts. You don’t have to sweat profusely, and some of these activities are free (and some are inexpensive).

Walking protects the brain against dementia, while  tai chi increases concentration. Yoga awakens consciousness, and jogging stimulates cognition. You can do all of these activities on your own, although you would enjoy doing them in a class or group.

Cognitive decline can be excluded from aging. Brain exercises for seniors (many of them are free or very affordable) prevent memory loss and boost mental acuity. And the sooner you start, the sooner you experience the benefits.