Casino Market in Quebec is Growing


Quebec’s casino market has grown tremendously since the turn of the decade, especially during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. As traditional land-based casinos were closed at the height of the curfew period, there was a surge in the demand for online games and casinos. Research by Concordia University, in conjunction with Université Laval, found that the number of people in Quebec who gambled online increased by over 15% in the first year of the pandemic. This was a major increase compared to 2018 when it was at five percent. 

Sylvia Kairouz, the Research Chair on Gambling at Concordia University, added that changes to gambling laws in Canada, permitting people to bet on single games and events within games, have also played a huge part in the growth of the industry. Besides, the lure of playing comfortably at home or on the go without the trouble of visiting a land-based casino also played its part, as has aggressive advertising of casino products. As a result, there has been an increase in new players, while more regular casino players have migrated to online casinos.

Why are online casinos gaining popularity in Quebec? 

Let’s look at some of the reasons behind the surge in popularity of online casinos in Quebec. 

Ideal legal and regulatory environment

Canada’s liberal approach to gambling regulations has invited local and offshore casinos to the table, allowing them to operate within an established legal framework. Some federal governments have tight regulations on the same or outright ban them, but Canada has some wiggle room. Offshore casinos just need to adhere to provincial regulations, and they are good to go. 

What’s more, provinces in Canada are allowed to regulate gambling markets, paving the way for individual provinces to make rules that are suited to the populace. The result is a diverse gambling landscape and provincial autonomy that suits the players and service providers. 

Technological advancements & mobile gaming 

The evolution of technology has also played a major role in the uptake of online casinos in Quebec. Gaming experiences are now more immersive and interactive, thanks to rapid software development. Live games can now be played online, and are close enough to the real thing. 

Better software means games are optimized for mobile phones, and with everyone practically owning a smartphone, this is a game changer. Players can enjoy their games on the go, and the accessibility definitely pushes the adoption of the games.

The social aspect

Some people might think that playing in online casinos while hurdled in your room is lonely. Well, this might be the complete opposite. Online casinos have gotten creative and introduced a variety of social gaming aspects. Most online casinos now have live dealer games where players can interact with one another or with a real dealer. The social aspect tries to mimic that of traditional land-based casinos to good effect.

Players can also access and contribute to online forums and chat rooms, where they exchange ideas, experiences, and strategies. Creating a community around a product fosters ties between participants and attracts new players who wish to join the community.

The legality of online casinos in Quebec 

Quebec’s provincial criminal code of conduct prohibits lotteries and games of chance, but the province doesn’t restrict its citizens from accessing sites providing online casino services. To find some of the best sites offering casino services in Quebec you can check out reviews on

That said, offshore casinos take advantage of this gray rule, which technically allows residents of Quebec to access them as long as they are regulated in their country of origin. Some popular jurisdictions regulating the offshore casinos operating in Quebec include Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta and the Isle of Man (UK).

A task force commissioned by the provincial government of Quebec in the 2010s to analyze the monopoly enjoyed by Loto-Quebec and provide recommendations for possible reforms found out that there were more than 2,000 offshore casino sites. That number is probably 10x more now. The province of Ontario used the report to provide guidelines as it became the first province in Canada to have a regulated market for iGaming. Quebec is the second largest province in Canada, with 8.5 million residents and a future regulated casino market, which is a tantalizing prospect for the industry players. 

What the future of the casino market in Quebec looks like    

Technology is advancing fast, and the casino industry is not being left behind. Some of the trends expected to take hold in the industry and drive it forward include crypto-friendly wallets, VR, online live dealer games, and mobile gaming.

The good thing about crypto-friendly casinos is that they also accept fiat payments, so players have various options for withdrawing and depositing. As technology improves and internet speeds increase, VR and online live dealer games will become better and more realistic, and the user experience is expected to improve greatly. Moreover, with mobile devices getting faster and becoming a part of our daily lives, providers who improve the mobile experience will reap big.