Five Differences Between E-sports and Real Sports Disciplines

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E-sports is developing every day and is catching up with the popularity of traditional sports by leaps and bounds. E-sports and traditional sports betting principles are different. Let’s look at the difference in more detail.

  • Difference 1. E-sports players are in touch with fans.

E-sports players talk to their fans in a chat during the game, communicate during streams.

  • Difference 2. Everyone can participate in e-sports.

The chances of being at the CS:GO World Championship is higher than getting to the FIFA World Cup or the NBA. For e-sports, you only need a powerful computer, experience and skill.

  • Difference 3. The cyber community has no borders.

Street football is limited to the yard, the district championship is limited to the territory of the district, and e-sports is limited only by the quality of the player’s connection and ping. E-sports unites people from all over the world. A talented and skilled player can easily participate in the championship, e-soccer battle, for example. And you do not need to have a lot of money, time, and permits to travel to play e-sports.

  • Difference 4. No need to pay for broadcasts.

Some sports events can only be watched for a fee. Broadcasts of e-sports events are free.

  • Difference 5. Minimum injuries.

Injuries in football, boxing and other active sports are almost inevitable. Things are different when participating in e-sports events.

E-sports vs Traditional Sports Disciplines: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of traditional sports betting:

  • Available at all bookmakers;
  • Wide line;
  • Extensive coverage on TV, in the media, on the Internet.

Disadvantages of traditional sports betting:

  • Seasonality;
  • Long duration of matches in some sports (baseball, American football, snooker).

Advantages of e-sports:

  • It is gaining popularity every year, the e-sports industry is constantly growing;
  • Broadcasts are almost of every match;
  • The transience of matches.

Disadvantages of e-sports:

  • E-sports betting is possible, not in all bookmakers;
  • The number of disciplines, matches, and lines is scant;
  • It is difficult to bet on e-sports if you do not have game experience.


More and more players delve into the essence of e-sports, study disciplines, statistics, team lineups, rules, and watch videos. The advantages of e-sports are that competitions are held all year round, bookmakers often offer high odds, and there are almost always broadcasts that help to better understand the course of the match and make a bet. At the same time, traditional sports betting has a centuries-old history and traditions, the widest coverage and popularity.