What activities can stimulate the cerebral capacities of seniors?


As you age, keep your brain active is as important as maintaining physical fitness. This not only allows you to live better and longer, but also to be happier and more independent.

The brain must be challenged every day to function at its best. Fortunately, it is possible to do this in a fun and accessible way, thanks to targeted games and activities.

Here is a selection particularly suitable for the elderly :

Video games (cards, virtual casinos, logic games, etc.)

Some video games can have beneficial effects on cognitive functions. The most suitable are those that stimulate concentration, reflection and memory.

Virtual casino games are a good illustration of this. For example, blackjack encourages the player to analyze the cards and then make calculations before making a decision. Plus, the numbers are simple enough to make math accessible, yet varied enough to stimulate the brain.

Similarly, roulette combines thinking and analysis, in an entertaining setting. As for them, slot machines provide a much more playful and colorful aspect, without infantilizing the experience.

If you want to find a virtual casino with games that will help improve cognitive functions, you can review several of them.

In addition, puzzles, card games and logic games in digital version are also great supports to boost the brains of seniors in a fun way. In another style, a simplified platform game can also be very effective.

The 3-in-1 effect of manual activities

Then, manual works are ideal to keep the mind active and the hands skilful. For older people, crafting is not only a great way to exercise imagination and creativity. It can also help preserve the dexterity of the hands and fingers. Add to that the feeling of usefulness and the satisfaction of having created a tailor-made object. You get a real cocktail of benefits!

Arts and crafts can be as simple as they are affordable. Paper mache, knitting, origami, photo quilt, making greeting cards from magazines, quilt sewing , etc. See according to the affinities of the person.

Bingo: stimulating and friendly

Third, social activities are also important for the well-being of seniors. As they often suffer from exclusion and isolation, it is essential that they have the opportunity to socialize with other people on a regular basis. So combine this goal with brain stimulation, thanks to Bingo.

Especially when the host is lively, Bingo is a very easy and fun activity. It can be practiced in a small committee or in a large group, and requires little equipment. It is one of the most common forms of entertainment among older people who live in care homes or attend day centers. In addition, Bingo can easily be organized indoors or outdoors.

Playing it is not only fun and challenging, but also has a number of health benefits for seniors. Indeed, this game stimulates 3 key senses:

  • Hearing, with the announcement of numbers.
  • Touch: using the pen or stamp while holding the card.
  • The view: identification of numbers on the grid.

Finally, this collective game is also an excellent social activity that can help reduce loneliness and increase feelings of well-being.

Puzzles to maintain thinking and logic

Finally, puzzles are ideal for maintaining concentration, reflection and the spirit of logic.

The most common puzzle is the jigsaw puzzle. It is also one of the first brain training games we play, from an early age. And in an older person, they retain the same mind-boosting power. The puzzle would also help to relax, by reducing blood pressure and slowing the rate of breathing. Some even consider this activity as a kind of meditation, perfect for seniors of anxious nature.

Also look for other types of puzzles that appeal to logic and challenge brain function. Sudoku, puzzles, Rubik’s cube, wooden puzzles, etc. There is a wide variety of them, which allows you to vary the pleasures as much as to satisfy all tastes!