When playing video games, should we take any precautions?


If some people do not have a clear opinion about video games, others will remain open to criticism. 

Video games are an effective way to control the impulses and frustrations of our teenagers, and even childhood specialists agree. 

At this age, where they are always told what to do and have to follow rules they don’t always understand, video games help them relax and let go of the pressure. In addition, they significantly improve their imagination and act as an effective stress reliever.

Don’t start too young

In the age of tablets and other connected devices, children are exposed to these technologies at a younger and younger age. But it is easy to understand that it is not necessarily for their good. Young children often stick to the screen of the tablets, which will damage their vision.

The same goes for headphones, they are not mature enough to know that a high volume for too long will harm their hearing.

Generally, keep an eye out for very young children and have them play non-virtual activities as much as possible. Their psychomotor development will only be better.

Isolation and epilepsy: the two major risks

Among adolescents, there are reports of excessive addiction and isolation from video games. They spend hours without moving from their console and thus deny any social ties with their family and loved ones. This is a fairly rare behavior, certainly amplified by video games multiplayer, but which often reflects a fragility that already existed in the user. These games are not going to get your kids addicted or sick if you take the right steps. First, ask him not to play in total darkness. Indeed, the sometimes stroboscopic images of video games can cause epileptic seizures. Moreover, encourage him to take a ten-minute break every hour to get some air, rest, and think about something else. It is also important to set benchmarks and limits from the start of a game session. It is essential to listen to your body when you play. Do your eyes, neck, or wrists hurt? So, it’s time to take a break.

Playing video games would improve our well-being

Video games can improve our creativity and strengthen the social bond between individuals, according to scientists that aimed to study the positive effects of video games on mental and cognitive health. Some virtual games such as TonyBet may have beneficial effects on cognitive functions if they are used in moderation.

Of course, not all games promote a healthy brain. They may have an adverse impact on memory, in particular spatial memory. The high consumption of certain video games will make this phenomenon worse.

Make sure you have a comfortable television set

It’s not new, using a screen of poor quality can cause problems, such as tire the eyes or cause headaches. Fortunately, most TVs sold on the market today are equipped with various technologies that make them more comfortable to use. Investing in a television that has a gaming mode, good brightness or a filter that reduces blue light emissions can make playing video games more comfortable. This, of course, does not diminish the need to play responsibly.