Video games and brain development: is there a link ?

Increasing scientific evidence suggest that there is a link between video games and brain development. Can video games really help in the development of personal and interpersonal skills ? Games and brain development In order to properly answer this question, we will first understand what are “video games” are and how brain works. What is a […]

Left brain and right brain

The brain has two sides that look very similar: a left brain and a right brain, also called the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. However, the left brain and the right brain have a big difference in how they process information. Despite their contrasting styles, the two halves of your brain do not function independently […]

Executive functions: role and evaluation

Executive functions can be defined as the ability to plan and coordinate purposeful action in the face of alternatives, to monitor and update action as necessary, and to remove distractions by focusing on the task at hand. It regulates our emotions and our behaviour and allows the individual to adapt to sudden changes in the […]

Medical Marijuana: What are Its Uses?

Medical marijuana is becoming an increasingly popular option in healthcare as people are reporting more and more positive experiences with its use. But what is it that medical marijuana is used for? It is said to have many benefits, such as relieving pain and reducing the symptoms of epilepsy, among many other things. What are […]

The brain and motor skills

The  limbic system  (in close relationship with the cortex which is the part of the brain that stores our memories) is essential for memorization, learning and emotional behavior of the individual. What about motor skills?  Movement control involves a hierarchical and interrelated network comprising: the motor area of ​​the frontal lobe; the basal ganglia located inside the […]

The Good And Bad Sides Of Social Interactions In Game

The Social Side Of Gaming Many people who don’t play video games see it as a very solitary hobby, one which is done alone. There is, however, an extremely large social aspect to a lot of the games we play today. Online games have grown dramatically since the real take-off of online multiplayer is the […]

Mental Health Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Mental Health Benefits Of Video Games Video games are mostly reported as being negative for a person’s mental health, becoming an addiction and causing depression, however, this is pretty far-fetched from the actual truth. Video games can be great for mental health and growth of a person when used in the right manner. Video Games […]

VR Gaming And The Potential Health Concerns

VR Gaming And Health Concerns VR or Virtual Reality is still the latest trend to hit the gaming market and is growing at a considerable pace year-on-year. VR is touted as being more immersive and, in some respects, healthier than playing video games in a normal on-screen fashion. This technology is still in a niche […]

Gaming Might Be Good For Childhood Development

Gaming Is Good For Child Development Gaming or playing video games has often been painted as a negative impact on younger children, hindering social growth and, in some cases, promoting violent tendencies. For the most part, these claims could hardly be further from the truth. In reality, there are a lot of developmental areas in […]

What Is Gaming Addiction And How To Spot It

Gaming Addiction For more than 90% of gamers out there, playing games is mainly treated as a great hobby. Gaming allows for entertainment, fun social interaction and at some points, even learning something new. Video games mostly act as a small escape from reality, allowing people to unwind and enjoy something they love. While that […]